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But it just gets in the way of the flames getting higher or the newly widowed woman howling into the chest of her friend. Instead of trying to understand the psychology of a person who wants to spend their nights waiting to feed on human misery, the lens is too busy pointing at the flaming wreckage or the pool of blood. He leaves empty-handed this time as the highway patrol arrives. Every visual decision makes sense, but morally this production stays in the toilet throughout. If you liked Shot in the Dark watch: Eight episodes available now. Topics Documentary Stream on. Order by newest oldest recommendations.

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Threads collapsed expanded unthreaded. Loading comments… Trouble loading? If you haven't, then welcome, and I hope you enjoy. This chapter is rated T, but I think it's more implied than anything. So much for peace and quiet, Steven thought, as he lowered his mug back to the kitchen table. He'd only returned from Unova, literally, thirty minutes ago, and since that time, the Sootopolis gym leader, had taken it upon himself to interrogate him at every given opportunity.

Steven had been looking forward to returning home to relax, and recover from the slight hangover he was carrying, however, those plans were completely scuppered; as he was literally ambushed by his best friend; or as Wallace referred to himself as 'pseudo brother,' as soon as he touched down in Mossdeep on Metagross.

He wasn't even going to bother to ask, how the man knew when he was due to arrive home, that was one headache he could live without. Steven picked up his coffee mug again, before glancing towards Wallace. The gym leader, was sat on the other side of the table with his arms folded, and was giving him a rather dubious, if not unimpressed stare.

He couldn't help but sigh, before lowering his mug to the table once again. It was nice to see and catch up with the other Champions," Steven responded, with as much energy as he could muster.

Annette Marie Quotes (Author of Chase the Dark)

He' just hoped that his answer would appease the water specialist, so he could get some peace. Steven couldn't help but be quite Recent events being, his latest attendance at the 'Quarterly Champions' Get Together;' or as it had been more aptly named by Alder on that one occasion, 'The Champions' Drinking Party. I mean honestly, you're like a Growlithe chasing a bone. You've never taken an interest in my attendance at these events before, so, it baffles me as to why you are now," Steven paused, as he took a sip of his now lukewarm coffee, before sighing again.

Let it be said, Wallace's glare could send any pokemon, or human alike, running for the hills.

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Thankfully, having known the man since childhood, the glare had little effect on him anymore. With that, Steven then refocussed his attention on finally finishing the coffee he had made, before it went completely cold and undrinkable. Steven could clearly hear the displeasure in his tone of voice, but he tried to ignore it. However, the silence didn't last for long. I suppose this is what you get, from having the most flamboyant man in history, as your closest friend.

Steven was just about to finish off the remainder of his coffee, when that direct comment came. What in Arceus' sake Steven carefully lowered his mug back to the table, as he gazed impassively at the gym leader sat opposite him. Upon hearing his response, the gym leader had ceased his flamboyant gesticulating, as his gaze levelled with his.

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  6. Steven couldn't help but freeze slightly; he knew that face all too well, as he'd seen it far too many times, normally, right before Wallace embarrassed the hell out of him. I know he knows something. But if he does, how does he know?

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    Steven nervously thought, before mentally cursing himself. Now's not the time to be flustered. Now's the time to keep calm, don't show signs of weakness, Wallace feeds off it. He's just fishing, he doesn't know for sure. Use that Champion's composure; you're the 'Steel Champion' for a reason. However, Wallace could read Steven like a book. He'd known him for far too long, and he knew exactly, when his friend was rattled.

    Shot in the Dark review: pure, undiluted rubbernecking – feeding on human misery

    Steven was definitely hiding something, and Wallace was determined to get his friend to confess. But the good thing for him was, he now had him, right where he wanted him. He smirked as he dealt the final blow. Steven cursed in his mind. How in the world did he know? How the hell did he find out so fast? Wallace didn't even need to hear Steven's answer. His expressions said it all.

    Taking one look at Steven's paralysis, wide eyes and steadily growing blush, the gym leader burst into hysteric laughter. Steven felt his embarrassment flood through him like a Surf attack; h ow did he know? How was it possible? After moments of laughing at his friend's rather embarrassed expression, Wallace wiped some of the tears that had overspilled due to his mirth, before continuing to torment Steven further. I mean, here we all were, thinking that you'd be a bachelor for life, with just a house full of pet rocks for company, but little did we know, that you were actually, harbouring feelings for a certain, blonde haired Champion.

    And from what my source has told me, the feeling is quite mutual. Steven couldn't have responded, even if he had tried to find some words. There was just nothing he could say or do, that could adequately describe the mortification he was feeling. It hadn't even been a day, and yet, Wallace had still managed to find out. However, there was that one phrase that kept repeating itself inside his head, like a record with a scratch; damn you Wallace! After moments of no response from the steel Champion, Wallace decided to finally take some pity on him.

    Steven had never been one to take teasing lightly. You have been single for far, far too long, and I am pleased that you have finally found someone, who shares similar passions to you. In fact, now that I think about it, the two of you do compliment each other.