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The ghosts are said to be the original owners, who more than likely died inside the building and frequently baked peanut-butter treats.

The Stanley Hotel, Estes Park, Colo.

The Stanley Hotel has developed a spooky reputation over the years. First, there's the fact that it was the hotel that inspired Stephen King's "The Shining" and it was the set for the miniseries of the same name. Second, there are the actual spooks, including the extra housekeeping services in room by the ghost of Ms. Elizabeth Wilson—former chief housekeeper in the early s who broke both ankles in that room.

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  • Haunted Hotels & Inns?

In addition to Ms. Wilson, other paranormal happenings have been reported throughout the hotel, including: Stanley roaming the lobby, and Flora Stanley playing her piano in the Music Room. Nightly ghost tours and paranormal investigations are available. Just don't say "Red Rum" to your friends too many times when you stay; it's only funny the first couple of times. It's no surprise that Savannah has a few haunts , considering a portion of the city was built on top of a former graveyard. To meddle with spirits, book a stay in Savannah's 17Hundred90 Inn. Room has been claimed by Anna, whose husband had an untimely death, and her sobs are heard by guests, as are the sounds of tugging on sheets and other mischievous deeds.

When I first bought the property, I found either a penny or a dime throughout the inn for 28 days in a row. Sherwood were among the first members of the Algonquin Round Table group. They gathered in the Rose Room with other literary friends to discuss ideas, opinions and more.

Prospect Hill Bed and Breakfast, Mountain City, Tenn.

Apparently those literary bonds, once formed, are never to be broken, and today there are reports of former Round Table members haunting the hotel. In particular, Dorothy Parker is claimed to haunt The Algonquin; she once unsuccessfully tried to commit suicide in the hotel.

Lily, the spirit haunting the St. Lily is said to still be searching for him, and guests have reported mysterious figures in the hallway, makeup bags that have been filled with water, strange noises and icy touches. The La Fonda hotel is notorious for spooky hauntings, and rightfully so—the history of the hotel and the land it sits on is frightening enough. In the early s, it is said, the original inn held court proceedings, which included executions in the lobby.

The hotel has been rebuilt many times over the years, but the one thing that hasn't change is the violence. Slough, was shot and killed in the lobby in Nevada Goldfield Hotel in Goldfield is home to several ghosts. Even though no one has been harmed by him, he randomly attacks people with a large kitchen knife then immediately disappears.

There is a legend, but is it true? If you stay in this room, objects move around, doors open and close, clocks will start and stop, and you may have the feeling someone is in the room with you. James Hotel in Cimarron, New Mexico, www. The resident ghost is a little girl who was burned to death at a house that once stood in the same location.

Haunted Hotels Bed And Breakfast and Ghostly Places To Stay

The Golden Lamb Inn in St. Lebanon is frequented by two ghosts. One of them is the ghost of a young girl who likes to knock pictures off the wall and stomp her feet. The other is the ghost of an Ohio Supreme Court Justice who died at the inn.

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Farnsworth House Inn in Gettysburg is located on the site of one of the bloodiest battles of the Civil War. Over a hundred bullet holes were left in the building. The inn is filled with ghosts, many of whom are thought to be Civil War soldiers who died during the intense battle. Spirits of young children and a mid-wife also make their home here.

Even though they have been long dead, they can still be seen wandering around. Besides these dead guests, the ghosts of a man and a woman struggling can be seen on the staircase. The struggle usually only last a few seconds before both vanish. For those interested in the Civil War, this would be an awesome place to stay. So far, the ghosts have always been friendly. Chancellor, becomes very upset when his portrait is taken down.

Haunted Hotels in the U.S.

The ghosts of several children have also been reported. The Plains Hotel in Cheyenne has three ghosts — a husband and wife Rosie on their honeymoon, and the other woman. Then Rosie returns to her own room and commits suicide. All three ghosts have been seen by the staff and guests. Writing Prompt Take the information I have provided about the hauntings at some of the hotels. Pick one or more instances and write a story that includes a haunting based on what you think happened there.

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Ghost Children in Scary Hallway.. Spirit Box in Haunted Hotel

Silverbow Inn and Bakery in Juneau, Alaska, www. Stanley Hotel in Estes Park, Colorado, wikimedia commons. The 17Hundred90 Inn, Savannah, Georgia, ghosttoursinsavannah. The Story Inn in Nasville, Indiana, www. Carriage House Inn in Searsport, Maine, www.