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Modern scientists, not the Mayans, offer theories that are the basis for the film's thesis that the earth's climate and magnetic poles may be changing. My book Hoodwinked explores the deep underlying causes of the events that have now sent the U. The real cause of our current meltdown is predatory capitalism -- the mutant form of an economic system that encourages widespread exploitation to benefit a small number of already very wealthy people.

A new geo-political system has emerged; today the CEOs of big corporations, rather than governments, control human and natural resources around the globe, as well as politicians and the media.

The Environmental Message Behind ‘The Lorax’

Their arrogance, gluttony, and mismanagement have brought us to the perilous edge. In their relentless drive to amass ever greater fortunes, they have polluted our air, water, and earth, relegated countless numbers to the ranks of the unemployed, and doubled the gap between the few who live in mansions and the many who are malnourished or starving. They exemplify that egotistical regime described in the Popul Vuh. When I wrote Hoodwinked I was not thinking about the prophecy. Yet, now, as I prepare to visit the incredible cities these ancient people built, I realize that in an odd sort of way my writing is part of a tradition that stretches back to those Mayan visionaries.

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We have indeed entered a critical time in human history. A tsunami is rapidly building on the horizon. Every person on earth is connected like never before, through the Internet and cell phones. Most of us have come to understand that we are perched on a shore that is threatened by a mounting wave of economic and environmental disaster.

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We have only three years left until December 21, Whether or not you believe in this Mayan prophecy, we can all agree that we must turn things around. We must abandon our gluttonous, exploitative ways in favor of lifestyles and systems that will bequeath to our children and grandchildren a world they will want to inhabit.

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By definition, we simply must become sustainable. You may want to take a moment, next time you pass by on a theater marquee, to reflect on the true message symbolized by those numbers.

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