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Completely agree with the focus developers have to do in performance. There is nothing more annoying than waiting more than 10 seconds for an app to load. As a user, I recommend to developers: Please keep it simple and fast. I like the information sghared abode and as a user, i would like suggest developers to develop the apps according to customer's requirement. Make your app give fine navigation ans easy to. Really very good article for Indian Mobile Developers. They should focus on the performance of the app and stick their clients as well as audience to their apps.

Mobile computing is becoming one most popular these days because of the high increase of users and applications for mobile devices that is also useful in making a certain web templates. Good to hear that there is a lot of extra tools like this. This will be such a good advantage for us to have.

Nice article Developing a mobile apps for your business means you are going to target a large audience base. That's why we worry about hybrid apps: I spent some thoughts on that matter here: Hello, This is really an informative blog for all the beginners as well as app developers. I am an iOS app developer, I have tried most of the mobile app development platforms. I have developed more than 50 apps till today with the help of Phonegap, Telerik, Configure. They are running successfully on app store.

As per my experience in this field, I recommend developers as well as beginners to use mobile app development platform like Configure. IT, because it provides automatic coding, app preview facility, direct API connect and a lot more features. These things save a lot more development time and provides fast and well designed app in much less time.

Shouldn't you be able to create one time for any device? You should check out www. These video game veterans got tired of writing code for different devices and created a platform so they can create once and be done.

10 Tools I Use For Mobile Web Development (With 2 Bonus Tools)

Planning a mobile app development project can be difficult, there's lots to think about especially marketing and post launch optimisation and support. It's easy to underestimate the cost of app projects and focus your effort doing the wrong things. We've developed hundreds of apps for customers all over the world and developed a simple test to check your planning activities are on point. It's a quick checklist takes two minutes and will help crystallise your thinking around mobile, you can check it out here: With the evolution of html and responsive web design I think it is imperative to develop agnostic web apps that will work on any device.

The guys at http: But it Shows different result on different devices. Please help me to solve this problem.. I'd like to dwell a bit on customer support. I agree that having support built within the app can more convenient for both the developer and the app users.

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Both parties can interact without having to leave the app and issues can be resolved quickly. We have recently launched a support desk www. The developers and companies that have integrated this solution to their apps have confirmed that they have witnessed a happier and more loyal app user base. I thinks iPhone and android apps developer, I have triads most of the mobile app development platforms. I have developed more than help of IT. They are running successfully on apps store. I don't have experience in website app development.

I have a great experience in mobile app development. As per experience in this field, recommend developers as well as beginners to use mobile app development cross platform like IT , because it provides automatic coding, apps preview facility, direct API connect and a lot more features. These things save a lot more development time and provides best futures and well-design apps. Nice article with informative content.

It is very valuable info for app developers. Given how fast technology changes in this space, it would be super helpful if these articles were dated somewhere. Web designer programs like adobe web tools have a single platform which allows multiple devices interfaces tablets, PC, mobile all to be automatically created during design phase thus eliminationing any concern for redesign for each individual device as designer will have an over view about how information ids displayed and then decides whether this is what the wanted from the beginning.

Great post very helpful. We have built mobile apps for our clients.

Mobile Web App Development Requires Detailed Planning

Check out our portfolio: Check out a solution: Mofluid Mobile App Extension https: It will definitely meet your expectations regarding an app. Thanks for sharing great article!!! I am doing apps, can you go and visit us at https: Have a look at http: Since not so recent, but definitely still ongoing boom for jobs in IT and development, this topic is still hot. In our team we've launched a series of blog posts covering the basics of it, like which one - mobile native or web - is a better education form beginner's perspective. Check it out if you like: The developer should find a way to reduce the load time to minimum.

Mobile apps development is not an easy thing indeed, because no matter how good your apps is, how nice-looking it is, people still may not want to download it. Very useful information and good ideas about Development of Mobile Web Applications! I think reading this article might be interested in this post about 5 uncommon ways to attract and keep Tech Geeks onboard http: I have never read any blog about mobile app development in such a detailed way.

It is a really wonderful piece of information for app developers. Thanks for putting an effort for us Tomas. I have visited the link https: Very detailed information related to mobile app development Thanks for sharing such kind of post. Thanks Tomas, This is a broad-spectrum article of Mobile Application Development, as it has really helped me to gather some very good information for app developers.

Hence I would like to share my personal experience as I have developed one from a company which provides really affordable services, hence you guys can contact http: Very charming post and it quite helpful to me. Keep posting like this. Great article about the mobile web apps thanks for sharing http: I must say Tomas have clear each and every step when, why, and how, app development important for business.

I have seen your work, it quite appealing. Check out Matllio Work https: Developing a mobile app involves elaborate planning and several processes to come together to form a harmonious whole. It all starts with an app idea, then goes on to planning, app design, app development, testing and finally, deployment of the app to the intended mobile device or devices. We are providing nearshore and offshore developers.

1. Bootstrap (or Equivalent Mobile Responsive CSS Library)

Thanks for sharing great article!! Let me ask you a question, How to connect mobile version website using api? It's a nice article. There are so many factors which are important for app development. In your post each and every step of mobile app development is in order and clearly straight to the point. Some think an app is a website. In my eyes, if someone builds a "mobile website," it is considered "responsive" and the website looks great no matter what device you're viewing it on.

There are many factors and considerations when designing the website for mobile responsiveness. The continuing trend of websites lately is to have a mobile-first focus and having it work on numerous devices. Developers and designers don't focus on just building a website, but a website that works across these multiple devices. However, it's not as hard as it was 10 years ago. The tools weren't mature enough and had some drawbacks with browser inconsistencies. Fast forward to today. Mobile development is now a mainstream topic for developers and designers to integrate yet another technology into websites to provide the maximum experience to their audience on whatever device they are holding at the time.

Today, we'll show you a collection of 10 tools to use for building and testing responsive websites on mobile devices. The easiest way to create responsive websites is to understand how breakpoints work in each library you prefer. Bootstrap is one such library. Bootstrap is on it's 4th version, so it's definitely mature enough and provides additional JavaScript components to make your web app even more functional for readers.

Now, if Bootstrap won't work with your web project which I can't imagine why it wouldn't , some alternative mobile responsive CSS libraries include Zurb's Foundation and Skeleton , which work fantasticly as well. I will be dedicating a post to building a website with Bootstrap in the future. The "Fabulous Five" browsers now have similar capabilities across the board so once you understand how one works, it's just the hard work of tracking down where that feature is in the other browsers' DevTools.

Another important tool is the Device View. Some browsers don't support it yet, but this is extremely helpful. What does it do? Enabling this option in the browser renders the site as if you were viewing it on a different device.

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These tools are absolutely required when developing mobile web applications and if you haven't worked with them before, you're missing out. Speaking of Device View, the Blisk Team thought the best way to view a mobile responsive website is to add tools to a browser engine. What better place to put rendering tools to assist with responsive sites? Blisk is a new tool that I recently discovered and mentioned in four browsers you've never heard of that weren't part of the Fabulous Five ya know Blisk expands on the DevTools and, for an extra charge, you can receive a number of device profiles to assist you with your mobile development.

They offer almost 30 device profiles you can use in the Blisk browser. The amount of tools in this browser is what web developers need when writing responsive web applications.

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Whatever browser you are currently using, the first column tells you what is supported, what you can and can't use, and also compare it to every other browser in the list. This is a great reference for JavaScript heavy developers who work with responsive mobile websites. With JavaScript continuing to bring near-native experiences to the smartphone, some features are coming along for the ride. For example, if you head over to the site and to the right of the Can I Use label, type in "media capture," this will let you know which browsers have the ability to capture media from a camera, microphone, or file upload.

Knowing this up-front will help immensely when writing a mobile responsive app with hardware compatibility. Remember when I said Bootstrap has a large following? Bootsnipp is proof of that. Bootsnipp is a site containing Bootstrap snippets to grab and use in your Bootstrap-built mobile website. There are other sites similar to Bootsnipp, but they seem to have the most Bootstrap snippets available. Ever since Google's Mobilegeddon , people were wondering how to test their sites so they look fantastic on mobile devices.

With all of the changes, why not let Google examine your site and tell you what's wrong with it? Google to the rescue. After it's done, it provides a free report of your top fixes you can implement on your site to make it faster and usable to mobile users. Speaking of Google, they also created an open-source automated tool for improving the quality of web pages not that Test My Site isn't good enough.

If you have Google Chrome, you already have the tool installed. Navigate to a page you want to evaluate, press F12, and click the Audits tab to get started. If you don't have Google Chrome What's wrong with you? The site explains how to perform each of these options. After a couple of minutes running Lighthouse , you receive a customized report of your site.

The Mobile Trend Continues

Examine the results and start taking action to achieve a high score of from Google. I know this is a cop-out, but you'd be surprised how much your IDE is starting to work towards a mobile mentality. Development companies recognize the importance of mobile websites and continue to build new features into code editors to make the creation of mobile sites easier. Click-and-drag the bookmarklet to your bookmark toolbar. Visit the site you want to test and click the bookmarklet. The Viewport Resizer displays a bar across the top with devices you can click to see if the site is responsive.

As Marc Andreessen mentioned back in , software is eating the world , but lately, it's more like web API's are eating the world. Usually, a backend team builds the API and then notifies the front-end team of the API so they can connect to it and test it to build out the UI properly. It's not as forgiving as Google or some other site tune-up engines.

This is THE site to make sure your site is mobile-compatible and you follow standards by the organization who implemented the web.

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While I didn't even come close to the amount of mobile tools out there, I'm definitely sure I missed some.