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Through this model, Akili Dada is creating a powerful movement of girls and young women leaders.

Leah McLaren: Your used stuff isn't helping refugees. If you want to help, give money

Here, Leah shares more about her community library, which she started as her Akili Dada scholarship project. Story as told in Wonder Girls: Changing Our World published by powerHouse Books, I started writing novels, plays, and poems when I was I write about my own life, but I put it in fiction form. I try to make my books sound or seem like those I read. I love writing, especially when I get emotional. I just write, write, write. I thought of buying him a small storybook so he could start to read English.

I could see that he was improving.

Leah's story: Unleashing the power of books to empower girls in Kenya

I visited three schools and examined what kind of reading materials they had. As she was about to max out one credit card, she took out another credit card, and then another and then another, giving little thought to the consequences. However, about ten years ago she took a moment to add up her total liabilities and was shocked. At the bank she was advised to bargain for a reasonable rate on a Line of Credit to pay off her credit cards.

She followed through and paid off two of the credit cards. Now she pays herself first by putting aside money for an emergency, then she pays more than the minimum payments on each credit card and toward her Line of Credit.

The balance she uses for daily life. She uses bonuses, birthday and Christmas gifts of money to pay down the debt balances and sometimes she can use some of her emergency money to make additional payments. She says she feels more comfortable now that her debt load is lessening and she is living within her means. She hesitates to think how much she has paid in interest on her credit card balances and Line of Credit loan through the years.

Many parents have messed up their money management and don't know how to teach their kids. Here are some recommendations:. Bicyclers, playing children, and pedestrians often stop at the Community Center background building to buy treats. I asked my neighbour, Ash, an Assistant Manager, Life and Security, how he teaches his daughter, Leah, to manage money.

Leah often accompanies him to the bank to observe his transactions, and when she was ten-years-old the teller gave her a piggy bank so that she could save her own money and open her own bank account. She earns a weekly allowance of six to ten dollars based on the performance of household chores, specifically making beds and cleaning desks. He lets Leah handle his money to pay when they go for a chocolate milk treat at Tim Horton's, because he believes this gives her real life experiences. He and his wife want her to have a sense of freedom and responsibility, and recording her own transactions sharpens her mathematical skills and encourages her to save for a future need as well as to help those less fortunate.

He's an advocate of advice from Barbara Stanny, a wealth coach adviser, who says, "Money doesn't give you security and power, understanding money gives you security and power. Ash and daughter, Leah age The Provinces of Ontario, Quebec and Saskatchewan have elements of financial literacy in core subjects. Ten years ago, British Columbia instigated a mandatory class teaching financial life skills in the 10th grade.

Loriggio, writing for The Canadian Press, finds some shortcomings: They teach the math aspect of money management, but not that you should not spend more than you make. Recently the public has begun to request more emphasis on FL, but it cannot be mandatory until sufficient teachers are trained to teach this subject. Meantime, yearly talks and workshops fill the gap. Among other recommendations, Sogano writes: Timing suggested by Sogano,.

#ContentWritingChat Recap: How to Turn Your Content Into a Book With Leah Ingram

The article states that there is no data on how much time is devoted to Financial Education at schools. Hours spent in various subjects vary, but dedicated teachers spend 20 hours on Financial Education in Home Economics at high schools. Instead, I've heard reports of social media spats when the ludicrous impracticalities of the sling drives are pointed out. Some concerned citizens just don't want to bother themselves with practical questions like "Am I actually helping anyone?

Which brings us to the thorny question of where our strongest charitable impulses come from in the first place. The truth is, it's much easier to feel charitable toward the dispossessed when they are far away, ideally in a barbed-wire camp across the ocean, rather than in our own communities.

Yet that is exactly where we should be off-loading our lightly used cribs, change tables and designer high chairs. The irony of privileged parents sending our useless baby stuff halfway around the world when there are families struggling down the street is head-shaking. Of course the urge to give ultimately comes from a good place.

But if your best and most noble efforts are having the opposite of their intended effect, you are, in essence, doing a disservice to the very people who need your help most. If you really want to help the refugees, it's simple: Find a registered charity and give them your money. And if you don't have money to give, take your old stuff, sell it on eBay and send the cash to an organization that has good people on the ground — people such as Francine Uenuma. This is a space where subscribers can engage with each other and Globe staff.

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Leah’s story: Unleashing the power of books

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