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We never thought of ourselves and always put the other first.

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There was nothing we would not do for each other. We were seldom apart. We would walk to the store together, holding hands, just to buy a loaf of bread. As well as being husband and wife, we were lovers and best friends. After three years of marriage, I discovered I was pregnant.

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We were both delighted. We spent hours in the stores, picking out clothes, furniture, and accessories for the newest addition to our family.

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Our daughter was born on a bright, sunny day in February. Our area had been hit by a heavy snowfall the week before and the world was white and beautiful. It seemed that this was an omen. Our family would have a bright future. For the next ten months we nourished our daughter, watched her grow, learn to walk, and say her first words.

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Christmas was a great joy. We dressed Michelle in a red Santa suit and hat, played Santa and watched with joy as her eyes lit up at the sight of her first Christmas tree. We lay together later that night and reminisced about the joys of the day. We were ecstatic and talked of Christmases to come.

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I awoke to find my husband sitting on the edge of the bed, clutching his chest and crying out in pain. Before I could throw back the covers and get to him, he began screaming. He stood, pushed me to one side and staggered into the living room.

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I followed, fear gripping me as I asked over and over what was wrong. His screams rebounded off the walls of the small room and almost deafened me. Suddenly, he fell face first onto the hardwood floor. The deadly sound of silence seemed to fill the room even more than the screams of a moment before.

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I scrambled for the telephone and called an ambulance. It seemed an eternity before it arrived. I later learned it was actually a little over four minutes. After I made the call, I dropped to my knees beside my husband. I shook his shoulder, rolled him onto his back and called out his name as tears ran down my face and fell onto his. There was no response. As the ambulance pulled into the driveway, siren wailing, I already knew that he was dead. The next few days were a nightmare. I picked out his casket, made funeral arrangements, and stood by his coffin shaking hands and accepting the sympathy of family and friends.

I felt no emotion whatsoever at this time. It was as if I had turned to stone. At the cemetery, my father stood beside me, his hand on my shoulder in a gesture of comfort. I knew his heart ached. He and my husband had gotten along splendidly.


As far as I was concerned, my life was over. Not only had I lost a husband, but also my lover and best friend. It had all happened in the blink of an eye. I remember wondering at the time how the world could be so cruel. Over the next few weeks, I went through the normal grieving process. I was angry with my husband for leaving me, angry with God for taking him, and angry at the world in general. My husband had died right before my eyes and the reality of it was not to be denied.

For three weeks, I barely slept a wink. Then, I would awaken, hoping it was all a bad dream and trembling uncontrollably.

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Though I continued to wish I had died with my husband on that fateful night, I never once contemplated suicide. After a month, my father told me that I either had to go back to the house to live or give the landlord notice that I was moving. I understood the logic of this but wanted nothing more to do with that house. I wrote a notice to terminate my tenancy, asked Dad to deliver it and begged him to sell everything in the house with the exception of our personal belongings and a few mementos.

At first Dad protested but finally he relented. My Special Angel CD. Back to general view. Write a review Question about an item? Add to wish list. Money-back guarantee Customer call centre Shipping within EU: Description Review 0 Bobby Helms: My Special Angel 2: Tonight's The Night 4: Got A Heartsick Feeling 6: A Fool Such As I 7: Far Away Heart 8: I Don't Owe You Nothing I Need To Know Now If I Only Knew I've Never Seen Anyone Most Of The Time No Other Baby Tennessee Rock 'n' Roll He wasn't too sure about that unholy conjunction but Jingle Bell Rock became a holiday classic peaking at 6 pop in , charting each Christmas for the next four years and cropping up in the opening credits to the box-office winner, Lethal Weapon.

Two of his other records, Fraulein 36 and My Special Angel 7 were among the biggest crossover hits of My Special Angel CD ". Please enter the digits and letters in the following text field. Alle "Bobby Helms" Artikel anzeigen.