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Poem About Demons Inside, Demons Of Darkness

After the initial mess of stuffing my brain back into my head, I decided I needed to hear this in a more portable fashion. Brutal and brilliant experimental guitar music with a bit of psychedelic flair from Andy Cartwright.

Split cassette featuring Drowse's discomforting experimental drone-pop and Planning for Burial's dark, heavy, all-suffusing sound. Guenter Schmidhofer Wonderful, beautiful and mellow. Papa Deuce Fantastic music to sit back and reflect with, it just takes you into another dimension.

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This poem touched them all. The one thing that I never counted on was the lady I was married to being the worst demon I would ever come up against. As I read these poems, it's almost as though she's written them and they were meant for me. The thing she failed to realize was that the truth would have taken her so much further. I'll fight my demons with real love and respect and hope that the 20 years I wasted there will come back to me in the future. Sorry so blunt, but I guess that's what pain feels like.

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I feel you, but it'll get better, I promise. You just have to endure the pain. Fortunately, I do not have problems with depression or suicidal thoughts, except for some brief flashes in the past that I suspect many people have experienced. However, I found the author's comment regarding finding escape in music, art, and writing interesting because I do the same. For me, I suppose, it is to maintain balance.

This was amazing, and it reminded me how I feel every day. It really made me feel better by saying to myself, ''You are not alone,'' and, ''You will get through this. This is an amazing poem! I was touched because this was kind of like me when I was little. Very sad but very well executed. I, myself, just finished a poem about suicide. It's a very relatable work of art you have submitted, and there is so much truth in it.

I appreciate that more than you know. I hope the writing helps the hurt you're obviously feeling. It's cathartic to me, and I pray the same for you. You're a good writer. This is great work of art! You vividly put feelings into words. You know that's quite not easy to do. Your poem is a good work of art.

Demons Of Darkness

And I'm glad you won your demons. I'm a poet, and I know what it takes to put feelings into words. Hi, your story I found it somewhat disturbing. If I'm reading you correctly, you're having demonic issues? I truly hope I'm wrong for your sake. There are lots of demons, and like any army, they to hold rank.

Poem About Demons Inside

You seem terrified from what I read. That tore straight to my heart. I pray you find Jesus. By "demons," I think the author is referring to internal conflict and pressure whether societal or personal. By creating a physical form for her struggles, it gives the reader, not only an emotional aspect, but also a physical one. The reader can almost pictures her "demons" sitting on her shoulder taunting her. Her reference to demons is not demonic but poetic. The author does a wonderful job of creating an emotional reaction by using relatable subject matter. Many people, especially those who struggle with depression and anxiety, often have struggles so large they feel like physical enemies or demons.

Angels Of Darkness, Demons Of Light I

I think this poem is a way of conquering some of the author's struggles by putting her pain into words. Lots of people refer to their depression as demons. It's called a metaphor. I understand what you are saying. I haven't told anyone how I feel yet. They don't understand or don't care, and I don't want to bother them. If these things could just I have so much more important things to do than staying in bed. You wrote the words that I often think. Depression is a terrible disease. It takes you hostage and leaves you lonely. Most people don't understand.

Snap out of it!

Earth - Angels of Darkness, Demons of Light II [Full Album] 2012

I wish I could. I understand exactly as well. I'm almost 24, and just last week I got diagnosed with severe depression and anxiety. It's stuff that's happened to me over the years and just built up. I finally broke down. People think they're just emotions, but they're so much more.

It's like a constant battle in your own head. You think all the time. You can't think straight, and it slowly eats you away, and then next thing you know, you're not the same person. I noticed I needed help. I hate being alone. I have no one to talk to, or people think I'm crazy, but you can only hold it in for so long. Honestly, no one understands until it happens to them. But it has finally broken me. Yes, lots of us with depression have the same thoughts.

I'm glad someone said what we were all thinking. I was touched by this story. It speaks to me very much. I get that way too, but then I get over it. I absolutely love this! It's so simple yet so detailed and touching. Thank you for sharing such a wonderful piece with us! This is an amazing poem. I really can relate to it, as I have only realized that I have had depression for half my life now!! Keep writing; you are amazing. This poem seriously touched me. I am 19 and have been struggling with depression for six years now.