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10 Sea of Galilee, Golan Heights, Hulah Valley, Mt. Hermon: Satellite Bible Atlas Map 1-5

Here He gave more than half of His parables and here He performed most of his miracles Our Ministry relies on the generosity of people like you. Every small donation helps us develop and publish great articles. This article was first published in the Fall issue of Bible and Spade. Here He gave more than half of His parables and here He performed most of his miracles.

Three of His disciples hailed from Bethsaida, a few miles distant from Capernaum. These two cities, together with Chorazin 3 km 2 mi inland from Capernaum, were condemned by Jesus for receiving much but believing little.

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Early Christians hallowed the lakeside, building churches commemorating the feeding of the five thousand, the Sermon on the Mount, the primacy of Peter, and the house of Peter. Known in the Hebrew Bible as Chinnereth, Josephus used the Hellenized form of this name, Gennesar or Gennesaritis, most frequently in his writings.

The Sea of Galilee is the lowest freshwater lake on earth at approximately m ft below sea level. At its widest points, the lake measures 21 km 13 mi from north to south and 12 km 7.

Jesus and the Sea of Galilee

Its deepest point has been variously estimated between 44 and 60 m ft and its capacity is approximately three billion cubic meters one hundred billion cubic ft. Today Yam Kinneret, as Israelis know it, is the primary source of water for the nation and as such the government carefully regulates its outward flow to the Jordan River. The Degania dam was built in to control the water level and when the lake fills after good winter rainfalls, the Sea of Galilee is about 1 m 3.

This is apparent from the level of the harbors that have survived from the first century.

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Jordan River entering Sea of Galilee. Direct rainfall provides another 8 percent and the remainder comes from springs and wadis in the area. Numerous springs are located around the Sea of Galilee, particularly along the northwestern shore, but because of the higher salinity of these waters, today many of these springs are diverted to flow directly into the Jordan River south of the lake.

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  4. The climate around the Sea of Galilee is temperate year-round, largely owing to its elevation below sea level. The relative humidity averages 65 percent and the lake receives about 41 cm 16 in of rain annually. The Sea of Galilee is known for its violent storms, which can come up suddenly and be life-threatening for any on its waters. These tempests are caused by the situation of the lake in the Jordan Rift with steep hills on all sides. Winds sometimes funnel through the east-west-oriented valleys in the Galilean hill country and rush down the western hillsides of the lake.

    The most violent storms, however, are caused by the fierce winds which blow off the Golan Heights from the east. One such storm in March sent waves 3 m 10 ft high crashing into downtown Tiberias and caused significant damage to the city. Responses to the Lord vary, both then and today. The joyful results at the wedding reception in Cana are in marked contrast to what happened a few miles away and a few months later, in Nazareth.

    The people even tried unsuccessfully to kill the Lord Jesus by throwing Him over a cliff! Read the entire account in Luke 4: On the one hand, some people are filled with rage when they hear the truth. They totally reject the Lord, as did the people in Nazareth Luke 4: Invite Jesus to your wedding!. The Lord Jesus was invited to the wedding in Cana, and He accepted. His presence brought joy to all who were at that wedding! If you are single and the Lord leads you into marriage, invite Jesus to your wedding and the Lord will bless you and others through you.

    First of all, it means that you want your marriage to be a biblical marriagetwo believers who are married in the Lord. Furthermore, it means that you want to place the Lord first in your relationship. You want to have a Christ-honoring relationship, a Christ-centered family and a Christ-centered home!

    A Christian marriage is a wonderful reflection of the relationship between Christ and His Bride, the Church. That teaching is found in Ephesians 5: A Christian marriage can greatly advance the kingdom of Christ as that couple dedicates themselves to serving the Lord together, in a loving relationship that reflects the relationship between Christ and His Church. What a challenge to all of us! Invite Jesus into your marriage!

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    Come as you are! We have already seen that there is a wonderful picture of new birth in Christ in this miracle. Notice once again how our Lord went about performing this miracle. There is a divine principle here for salvation. Now you can save me! Often water represents the cleansing effect of the Word of God. Only the Lord can do that!

    We can sow the seed by sharing and teaching the Word of God! That is our job. Then the Lord works the miracle of new birth. What a great lesson in salvation! The divine remedy is to come to Christ as you are, receive the Word of God and experience the miracle and joy of salvation. Progress Now, Perfection Later. GPS for brain surgeons. Startup Weekend comes to Nazareth. Banking on gold for cancer radiation therapy. Israeli hotel wins major tourism prize.

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